You’re looking for a blog about classical music that is not out-dated, old-fashioned or too academic?


Then you are completely right here!

Because: I had exactly the same problem. I studied musicology and I am especially interested in classical music. That’s why I was searching for websites about composers and particular pieces. However, most of the sites were lacking a clear structure and articles were written very academically – all in all: no fun to read.

As I learnt more about building websites and blogs within my professional life, I thought about creating a website myself to offer a different approach to classical music and to prevent people, who are actually interested in classical music from getting frustrated.

Therefore, on Classical Music Adviser I want to overcome the prejudice that classical music is elitist – classical music is for everyone! 

With this blog I’d like to…

 make you familiar with known and unknown masterpieces. And explain, why these works are so important.

✓  introduce the most interesting composers. Follow the traces of their lifes and show, what made them so unique.

  review most promising classical music concerts, records and DVDs.

ClassicalMusicAdviser.com is intended to bring the interested people together, exchange ideas and discuss controversially about composers, masterpieces or records.


Jan_W._Author_of_Classical_Music_AdviserWho is writing here?

“Jan, have you already practiced the clarinet, today?”, my father aksed me every evening, when he came back from work, and hoped that I would become a great clarinetist.

Even if I didn’t quite become a professional musician, I started to write passionately about music.

But let’s start from the beginning: I have been making music since the age of 5. At first (relatively common and without great enthusiasm), I started to play the recorder.

But then at the age of 7: I got my  first own clarinet. From this moment onwards the curve was clearly going up.
I was allowed to play under great conductors and with great orchestras, and became a permanent member of the clarinet ensemble “Chalumeau”.

Finally, I studied musicology at the University of Cologne. Here I learnt a lot about the great classical composers, their works and the interpretations of their works.

But whenever I was looking for a comprehensive website about classical music, I was disapointed – either there were none or I couldn’t find them.

Therefore, this blog is my personal, new approach for writing and discussing about classical music and to share my passion with as many people as possible. Classical music is for everyone.